My rant for the day. Be warned.

*i didn’t have one particular person in mind in writing this post…more of a particular mindset. hear me out.*

I don’t know why I let people bother me. I shouldn’t. I should just be able to let their words/actions/looks roll of my back and I should continue on with my day. But the majority of the time I don’t. I let them stick to me like big Velcro balls, making it hard to maneuver and awkward to carry-on. I don’t usually go on irritated rants on my blog, but I’ve decided to do one today. Don’t worry I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I can’t stand home-schoolers. There I said it and I’ve caught your attention. Now, before you go clicking away from my blog, let me explain. What I can’t stand is a certain mindset that seems to accompany some  of home-schooling parents that I’ve come across. I’m not sayin’ they’re all like this and if you home-school your kids and aren’t of this mindset then I applaud you, but this has been my experience. Since I am registering Rhys for Kindergarten next week I’ve had education on my mind, and when you have something on your mind you seem to find it everywhere you look. It was like that when I was pregnant. The day I found out I had Rhys swimming around inside of me it was like all of the pregnant women came out of the woodwork. I saw them ALL. They were everywhere. Anyways, James and I have decided to send Rhys to the local public elementary school for Kindergarten. We talked about home-schooling, we talked about private schooling, we talked about public schooling. We decided, together, that this would be the best option for this next year of education. Now, I get bothered when I say this to someone and all-of-a-sudden the colour in their faces drain, turning them into a sickly white. Their eyes go as wide as saucers and their jaws tickle their toes. “Pu-pu-public..s-school?” They stutter. “You mean you’re not home-schooling your children? You mean you don’t want to offer them the best education they can get and keep them all nestled-up to your bosom all day long? You mean you’re going to wean them…already!?” They look at me as though I’m the worst mother known to mankind. “NO! It has nothing to do with any of that!” I proudly proclaim, “James and I are looking for a consistent dealer and we think this is the best way to go about doing it.” So there.

Obviously it’s not this extreme. Obviously I’m exaggerating (a bit). But more-often-than-not I feel the need to give a list of reasons why we’ve decided that this route is the best for this next year. Why? Why should I feel the need to explain myself? Because some of them have got that look. They do. It’s a look that goes all the way down to the end of their nose and then shoots full speed ahead right at me. What bothers me is when (and this applies to most everything about life) someone thinks that their convictions should be everyone’s convictions. That their way should be everyone’s way. That their views should be everyone’s views. That their parenting should be everyone’s parenting. That their model of family should be packaged, marketed with a furry woodland creature as the mascot and distributed to every God-lovin’ mom in North America. I can’t stand it.*In essentials unity, In non-essentials liberty, In ALL THINGS LOVE!*

I’m not against home-schooling. Really. I’m not. I think that for some families homeschooling is really the best option. I’m not even saying that I’ll never home-school. I don’t think that I’d be a great teacher, but the option is definitely there. All I’m saying is that just because someone home-schools their kids it doesn’t mean that God came down from the heavens and hand-delivered the Coles Notes on Life to your front door. That’s all I’m sayin’.

EDIT: I suppose I should have mentioned (it didn’t even occur to me until James read my post and then reminded me) that both James and I have experienced all three sectors of schooling. We both see up-sides and down-sides to all of them, because nothing is perfect. I should also reiterate that my irritations with home-schooling start and stop with the mindset I’ve just talked about.



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9 responses to “My rant for the day. Be warned.

  1. Seeing as I am a home-schooler, I will try not to take “I can’t stand home-schoolers” personally. I’d like to think I am a nice person who is entitled to her opinion just as you are. Good for you for making a choice that is right for you and your family. I really do hope it goes well for you and Rhys. May you be blessed in making this choice – I am sure it was not an easy one! As for explaining your choices to people, that I totally get – I have to do it all the time (and not just about homeschooling)!

  2. I love it! And you sound like a good Covenanter, too. 🙂

    Of course my problem when I meet up with people who I think are judging me, especially about my kids or how I parent, is to totally judge how THEY parent their kids. It’s such a contradiction. But I can’t quite get over it yet.

  3. I absolutely agree with you on this post Bria! In my mind, personally, if you can’t send your kids to (for example) Niverville Elementary and Niverville Collegiate, how the heck do you to expect them to function at all in life? Especially those that say they’re doing it because they’re Christians, because there is “no morality in public schools”. That is just not a healthy way to have your kids look at life at all. I think that public schools definitely help shape kids into better people, people who are able to understand other points of view, even if they don’t agree with them (unlike those that are fed only what their mom or dad tell them for 6 hrs. a day). It’s very dangerous to withhold your children from experiences just because you think it will “warp their soul” or “corrupt their mind”. Even though I’ve seen/heard about/experienced some uncomfortable situations with peers or in the classroom, it’s only made my convictions stronger, not changed my mind and make me want to become a drunken, sex addicted drugie. If I could sit down and talk with parents who home school for that specific, paranoid reason, that’s what I’d definitely want them to know. There, I got a mini-rant out too. 🙂

  4. i totally agree with keanan. coming from a non-christ-loving perspective i just don’t even factor religion into the whole school choosing decision. if you want to home school do it. if you are up to the task, great! i personally can’t wait to ship my wee beastie off to full time daycare and then school so that i can get on with living my own life, but hey! that’s also not the opinion of every mother.

  5. I’m probably a bigger ass than you, Bria. I have the sense that home-schooling is most often NOT the best decision for kids, and BECAUSE of “religious” reasons….

    Ex.: “Both of them….”

  6. i loved public school. i love all the things it taught me. and i’m proud to be aspiring to become a public school teacher. just one more year…

  7. Ruth

    i agree that there is no perfect situation and that each decision is both good and flawed in different ways. i think each parent needs wisdom when deciding because each individual child needs are different and the decision to go different ways will vary. i knew a mom who had 12 kids…some she sent to private, some to public and some she homeschooled.

    peace out. xo

  8. mom

    Let’s just hope they get those lap-dancing teachers out of the school system by the time my grandchildren are there!!!

  9. ha ha, great rant Bria. I like to tease my homeschooling friends that they should grow their hair long and buy more long, long denim jumpers. With appliqued apples on them.

    i totally get what you mean about teh attitude of superiority. People do that to each other ALL THE TIME when it comes to the correct way to do anything concerning children. Sometimes its fun just to say something to blow their minds. Like; “Maybe next year we’ll home school so that we can watch YTV all afternoon.”

    You know which comment really pisses me off? When people quote some rare Bible verse about fools teaching fools. Apparently that vague bit on the old testament is directly about sending your child to public school to rub shoulders with the dirty public.

    Jesus would NEVER get HIS hands dirty with THOSE KINDA PEOPLE, now, would he?!

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