Life with kids.

James has this story that he tells once in a while. He used to work with a guy (a loooong time ago) that was a drug dealer. One night the guy became paranoid that the cops were on to him so he started to burn his whole stash. This led the cops right to where he was…high as a kite and standing behind a hanging plant. I howl every time I hear that story.

I told Amelia that it was time to get dressed this morning. When I rounded the corner this is what I saw:

She was hiding behind a hanging curtain…one that doesn’t go all the way to the floor. It reminded me of James story. Amelia wasn’t burning pot and she wasn’t paranoid that the cops were onto her, she just didn’t want to get changed out of her PJ’s. You see, Amelia thinks that this book (pictured below) is about her. She thinks that the little girl looks just like her, especially when she’s wearing her heart jammies. So she hid, half hid, behind the curtain to avoid getting dressed just like that guy hid behind the hanging plant to avoid getting arrested.

My kids are funny. I’m pretty sure that most kids are but I spend the most time with mine, so you get to hear about their antics.

This particular conversation happened just before lunchtime today.

Ammie comes running up to me, crying.

Ammie: Mom,Rhys just bit me!

Me: Rhys, did you bite your sister!?

Rhys: It was an accident.

Me: No, biting is not an accident.

Rhys: Well, my stomach told me to bite Ammie, so I said, “Yes stomach!”

Me: Where did he bite you?

Ammie: On my bum-bum.

I had to tell Rhys to go and sit on his bed because I was laughing, trying to hide it, and you shouldn’t expect a toddler to take discipline seriously when you’re laughing.

I went to a baby shower on Saturday morning. James lovingly took the kids grocery shopping while I had some ‘adult’ time. While passing the floral department Rhys asked James if he could buy me some flowers. I think that’s the sweetest thing. Makes me proud to be the mother of that little boy. I’m going to have to register him for school in exactly one month. I hope that he always holds on to his tender heart and charm.

Living with kids isn’t easy, but it’s situations like these that make it all worth while. The goofy, funny, sweet situations.



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3 responses to “Life with kids.

  1. HA HA HA HA! That’s awesome. I can TOTALLY see that happening! I’m still not done laughing. That’s what I call “rolling on the floor laughing”.

  2. P.S. I just thought ofthis now, but that girl in the book that Ammie likes, REALLY DOES LOOK like her.

  3. jule

    only james’ son would come up with the response: “so i said ‘yes stomach'”…

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