Would Beauty Transcend?

Last Sunday our pastor read an interesting story that I thought I’d share with you. You can go here and read the whole article (he read a shorter story about the same thing) on the Washington Post website but I thought I’d post the music to go along with your reading. Enjoy.



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3 responses to “Would Beauty Transcend?

  1. Jay

    This music was absolutely beautiful. It amazes me how many people go through that area and none stop. I guess the self-centered life of busyness is more important than stopping to listen to the music (or smell the roses in other words). It’s too bad. Anyway, i loved the music.

  2. Jay

    I took the time to read the article. First, the music truly is beautiful. Second, people are dumb. How do you not notice awesome music like this?

  3. ruth

    bria! i have a few wordpressy questions to ask of you. i am considering the switch….is it possible to post videos of your family? like ones on your computer? or do you need to pay extra for that? shalom sista!

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