who’s on first.

Ammie: (holding an alphabet fridge magnet, letter ‘U’)
“Is dis a C?”
Bria: “No, it’s a U.”
Ammie: “It’s me?”
Bria: “No, the letter U.”
Ammie: “The letter me?”
Bria: “No, it’s the LETTER U.”
Ammie: “It’s me?”
Bria: “No! U!”
Ammie: “Ya, ME!”

Edit:  It just occurred to me that this post should have been titled “U’s On First”…



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5 responses to “who’s on first.

  1. That’s awesome! That just made my day. My only question is, if who is on first, that what’s on second?

  2. jdhiebert

    that is brilliant. obviously your daughter now thinks you’re a moron…

  3. Grandma Jan

    Unbelievable!! That’s my girl… and only two!!

  4. nana

    That is so priceless. I can just here Ammie saying that whole conversation with you Bria! I laughed alot!

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