7:00 am.

There are times when I feel really bad about being a SAHM. James runs out the door first thing in the morning and works non-stop, sometimes through lunch, and gets home late to provide for us while I just stay home…all day, every day. There are days where this really bothers me, I feel like I should be doing more or pushing myself harder to take on more things or get a better education so I can help out too. I have these moments where I buy into the unspoken ‘you’re not really that successful if you just stay home with your kids’ mentality that has invaded our society.
This morning, however, was not one of those moments. The kids wanted to have a cuddle on the couch before we started our day, something that doesn’t happen often enough. Rhys brought over a pencil and piece of paper and started writing out his numbers. Amelia sat looking through her Peter Rabbit books and I sipped my coffee. It was a wonderful moment because I felt as though I was contributing to my kids in a way that making more money never ever could. I was giving them my time, my attention, my cuddles, my counting skills, and they were getting mom all to themselves.



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2 responses to “7:00 am.

  1. Jordan

    So THAT'S where my Peter Rabbit books went…

  2. Roo

    AMEN sister. love it. i am reading this book called "hold on to your kids" and it is both breaking my heart and convicting it at the same time. ox

    ps…re your comment…yes! the post were i got the idea to add lace from also had ideas for boys pants and yes…they included flannel and boyish looking ribbon. very cute as well. 😉 woohoo, here's to frugality at its finest!

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