king of the castle.

So I made Rhys a castle today cuz, you know, who needs to spend 150 bones on the Schleich one when you have a perfectly good, albeit old diaper box, some toilet paper rolls and some construction paper! “Not I!”
I don’t really know what I was thinking though, sure it turned out great and he hasn’t stopped playing with it all day, but who in their right mind makes their toddler a castle at 7:30 in the morning! Don’t do it! It’s not a good idea! If you’re ever tempted…just don’t! Someone slap me. I need to re-think this time management thing. Sure it was a good thought to make the super-cool castle first thing in the morning so that the ‘spirited’ four-year-old has something to do all day…but one doesn’t actually follow through. I couldn’t figure the stupid thing out for the life of me and I ask you…WHAT IS THERE TO FIGURE OUT??? It’s four walls with some toilet paper rolls stuck on the corners! There. That’s it! But no, I was trying to do math and math and I don’t get along on the best of days, and then I wanted to make a draw-bridge, and then I thought a little matching village would be fun….well, I simply don’t go through enough toilet paper to facilitate the building of a whole village so we just stuck with the castle (and a few trees). Anyways, all my silliness aside, it was actually a fun project and Rhys is really happy that he now has a home for all of the knights that he got for his birthday.


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  1. Anonymous

    Bria- I love reading all your silly stuff. You have a great skill in writing!

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