wide open spaces {or: i love target}

Well, I’m back from my holidays and it’s taken no time at all to be bombarded with the chaos of everyday life. I experienced a sort-of shock when I walked in the door and had excited yelling toddlers running around, popcorn popping, and blue chalk all over Ammie’s new bed and walls..all within two seconds of me getting home. Crazy. But it was glorious to be taking care of myself for a few days; something that I’ve needed for quite some time. My mom and I had a great time shopping without toddler potty breaks, diaper changes, or greedy tantrums. We ate out while carrying on a conversation without toddler interruptions such as, “Mom, what do soldiers do?” It was sheer bliss waking up slowly in the mornings at my own pace, going for a walk and grabbing a coffee. I took my time perusing through racks and racks of clothes or trying on shoes, walking up and down every single aisle of a store. In case you all think that I’m a horrible mother now, I will have you know that I missed the kids like crazy…but it was still great to be away. Heck, I didn’t have to bring kids into the fitting rooms with me! How great is that!??! I saw tons of mothers shopping with their children piled high in the shopping cart and every time I just thought how great it was to be bria for the weekend…not mommy. It was also nice to experience some self-indulgence after a year of skimping on everything I could think of. So thank you mom, for taking me on a much needed breather! I feel as though I can keep on truckin’ for a little while longer 🙂
{bria with a vat of red wine}

{bria with a vat of coffee}

{bria with a vat of yummy margarita}



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3 responses to “wide open spaces {or: i love target}

  1. Anonymous

    I LOVE these pictures! They're hilarous! It is great to get some time alone away from every day life. Who doesn't love that?

  2. Anonymous

    Bria.. It was great to talk with you the whole weekend! I love you alot.. however I did miss the WHY Nana, How Nana, and LOOK nana quite abit.

  3. JuliaD

    vats. rule.

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