I decided to haul out my good friend Prunella today. I can’t remember the last time I actually sat down to sew something…which is entirely inappropriate, I should be a sewing whiz by now! Anyways, I wanted to sew something for my friends new niece and once that task was done I just kept going. I had picked up some cute fabrics with summer dresses in mind when James and I were in Fargo and, until today, they had been sitting neatly folded by my washing machine waiting to be cleaned and used. So today I am happy for two reasons: 1} I used some of the fabric to make Amelia a dress, 2} I made my very first (all by myself) piece of wearable clothing! I’ve been dreaming about this moment for years and years and years. Odd, I know. But when I was in high school I would pass time by sketching fashion designs and I even found that during my year of thrifting I would resort to sketching clothes when I couldn’t go and buy them. I probably should have gone into fashion right out of high school…but you live and learn, right? I had been reading another mommies blog the other day when I came across a tutorial for making a little girls bubble dress. It was too cute to pass up, so I tried my hand at it and it actually worked. *happy bria*
I’m already excited to start making more things now that I’ve overcome my fear of diving into garment construction. I made some mistakes and there were a few things that I wasn’t too sure about, but I learnt and next time I’ll be that much better. Yay for the bubble dress!
{if you are equally as smitten as i was with the bubble dress
then you can find the tutorial here. }

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  1. JuliaD

    it looked amazing when i saw it yesterday and incredible actually ON amelia in the pic. 🙂

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