i enjoy.

This afternoon, as I was brewing myself a cup of well deserved coffee, I started thinking about things that I enjoy. There are many special things that put a smile on my face so I decided to share a few…

*the smell of the peonies in my garden
*baking for people
*when my kids run around the sprinkler screaming
*when i’ve read a book and feel sad that it’s over
*partaking in some wine drinking
*finding time during my day to be a little bit creative
*listening to Scott Nolan
*listening to Blue Grass
*buying my little girl a big ice cream cone, because that’s when her smile is the biggest
*eating strawberries fresh from my garden
*having those moments when i realize that i AM actually good at something
*drinking coffee
*having a bon fire with my wonderful friend Jen, especially when it’s accompanied by a big bowl of fresh fruit, a can of whipping cream, a bottle of wine, and two packages of Tim Tams (and talking looong into the night)
*seeing how creative other people can be
*taking 32 pictures of something and getting that ‘gem’ i was hoping for

what do you enjoy?


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4 responses to “i enjoy.

  1. JuliaD

    i enjoy:
    -lime beer
    -cola beer
    -most beers
    -shake'n bake chicken
    -rediscovering a favourite song that i haven't heard in years
    -watching an insanely awesome movie
    -the office (US)
    -friendly customers
    -good coffee with good friends
    -DQ ice cream cake
    -a day with one of my siblings
    -walking a dog…really anyone's dog will do
    -you, bri

  2. joyce

    Big Rock cider
    YOU- especially after reading your list. I love peonies- my fave flower.
    ice cream with nuts.
    organizing stuff.
    finding really awesome people.
    beans, salsa, sour cream.
    people watching.
    vintage fabric.

    HOLIDAYS! (which I am currently experiencing. Hence the time to organize some of my stuff, people watch, spend time on the computer…)

  3. Anonymous

    My favorite thing in the past 4 years is spending as much time as I can (which is never enough) with my beautiful grandchildren. The next best thing is giving them a million kisses!

  4. Anonymous

    I LOVE
    Playing with my nieces and nephews,
    having a family night,
    playing video games with my sister,
    going to the movies with my Dad,
    eating ice cream,
    getting e-mails from someone I've haven't talked to in awhile, actaully, getting e-mails in general makes me happy,
    getting free stuff.

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