cross it off.

{photo taken by Dan Neufeld. found here}

I’m not even sure words can properly describe what I felt about Monday night. I had fairly high expectations about seeing Coldplay in concert because I’ve seen a number of videos of them playing live shows and heard from others who’ve attended their concerts that it’s an amazing experience, so naturally I was expecting to be blown away. Well, the band went so over and above what I was anticipating that I’m left rather speechless other than to say it was one of the best nights of my life. It was like going to the happiest most wonderful birthday party in the whole world. That sounds so cheesy, but James and I talked at length about how joyful we felt after we left. Our jubilation could have been brought on by their set list (they played every song I was hoping to hear, including ‘Fix You’ and ‘The Scientist’), it could have been the massive yellow balloons that were thrown into the crowd during their song ‘Yellow’ (which burst, issuing forth small clouds of confetti at the songs conclusion {video of balloons found above this post}), it may possibly have been their acoustic set played on a small stage at the back of the arena in which they sang our song ‘Green Eyes’…or it could have been the whole darn thing! It was seriously that good. I’m also glad that I attended the show with James and my brother-in-law Garrett, both of whom sang along louder than I did. Those of you who’ve read my ‘Bria’s Bucket List’ post might remember that attending a Coldplay concert was definitely one of the things that I wanted to do before I died. CROSS IT OFF!
Now I’ll need to decided what should be crossed off next…go Skydiving???


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2 responses to “cross it off.

  1. Jordan

    I thought of you and James when they started playing "Green Eyes".

    What a great show. Lots of great memories.

  2. JuliaD

    love the pic. i can't believe they played yellow and green eyes! and the scientist, my grad song. sigh. must have been awesome. so glad you got to go and got to work on that bucket list. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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