random bria – i am a busy bee.

I recently noticed my friends status update on Facebook read, ‘Jane (name is changed) is looking forward to going on maternity leave in two weeks!’ One of her friends had left a comment underneath the status saying, ‘Gee, I wish I could go on a vacation for 9 months!’ I was disgusted that someone out there thinks that maternity leave and staying at home with your children is a vacation! Sure, it’s not conventional work…you don’t have a boss, you don’t have deadlines, you don’t have to hand in TPS reports, but BY GOLLY IT’S STILL WORK! So in celebration of being a stay at home mom I am giving you a list of things that I’ve accomplished by 10:30 today. Here you go:

(in no particular order)
  • packed up all of the garbage and recycling and put it out
  • made muffins
  • set-up a tea party for Rhys and his imaginary jousting friends
  • made coffee and then had a cup with James
  • pondered what it means to be a godly woman
  • fed the kids
  • made soup
  • cleaned the kitchen
  • cleaned-up the tea party
  • folded some laundry
  • thought about the characters in the book I’m currently reading
  • got the kids dressed
  • taught Rhys how to properly wash dishes
  • got myself dressed and ready for the day
  • called my sister and my mother and asked them questions about soup-making
  • and, finally, wrote this blog!

There you go! All by 10:30.



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5 responses to “random bria – i am a busy bee.

  1. Roo

    wow. well done.

    i know the whole "you don't have a job" thing really BUGS me too. you know the kind of conversation that goes like this:
    "where do you work?"
    "i'm a stay at home mom"
    "oh…so you don't work…"

    !!!?!! um.
    my mom used to tell people she was a "household engineer". it sounded so much more *impressive* than sahm and got a few raised eyebrows at the same time.

  2. Roo

    ps oh…thanks for the composter tip but I GOT ONE!!!! a town nearby was selling them and my super sweet mama picked it up for me. i love it. composting makes me VERY happy.

  3. Anonymous

    That's amazing! People don't know what they're talking about when they say "being a stay at home mom isn't a job." It's draining both emotionally and physically. Although I wouldn't know because I'm not a stay at home mom. I'm not even a mom yet. But you can tell, by looking at a mom.

  4. Anonymous

    Bria, you are a great mom and your kids (like mine) (I think) will thank you some day for being there for them. I feel sad that now I am so busy that I don't have oddles of time for everyone. Enjoy every minute, cause the minutes fly by!

  5. JuliaD

    you are so right, bri. as far as i'm concerned being a stay at home mom is one of the hardest jobs out there. plus your work makes a huge difference. much more than most peoples'. hats off.

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