let’s go fly a kite!

1 Windy Day
2 Cups of Sunshine
1 Basket of Food
2 Picnic Blankets
3 Kites
a handful of silliness
and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a wonderful way to spend a Friday!

After Rhonda and I got things sorted out…
it was smooth sailing for the little flyer’s.

Yes, Tim Bits were involved.

So was back-to-back breastfeeding!

And matching cousins!

(and just plain ol’ goofy ones)


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3 responses to “let’s go fly a kite!

  1. Anonymous

    Awww…. They’re so cute! Love the pics

  2. marklar

    you guys are awesome.

  3. Roo

    awww so fun. we love kites!!!!! brian has a HUGE HUGE HUGE one…so massive….when we were dating we used to take it out to the park…it would take HOURS to wind it in once it was up and flying. xo

    my dollar store kites are a lot easier to handle. 🙂

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