joy in the simple.

I love seeing how excited my kids get over such little and seemingly trivial things; wearing rubber boots, finding hidden eggs, popping floating bubbles. They are both genuinely enthusiastic about so many things. A fresh bowl of popcorn and a rented movie is enough to make them skyrocket into bouts of laughter and anticipation. I know that I need to follow in their footsteps in so many ways, but lately I’ve been feeling like this is one of them…finding joy in everyday activities (even *gasp* doing the laundry).



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2 responses to “joy in the simple.

  1. Anonymous

    That is a great blog Bria. We should all try and see thru the eyes of toddlers every now and then. Things like Tim Bits would make everyone so happy.

  2. Roo

    🙂 great post.
    so true.
    i experience this too with my kiddos.

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