The laundry pile is reaching record heights, the floor is covered in half-eaten bits of toddler food, broken toys and random puzzle pieces, the children are getting a crazed look in their eyes from being cooped-up for so long, I seem to have perfected the art of snapping and barking orders and pleas, and to top it off…we’re all sick. At the end of this week I find myself on the verge of losing it, or giving up, or breaking down. I need some energy. I need some rest. I need some sunshine. I need a breather. A breather. Breath…

Thankfully James and I are heading over to Rivendell House this weekend. Hopefully it will bring some rest, hopefully it will bring some insight. Hopefully.

I’m sure I would feel a million times better if it would just warm up and stop snowing! I was so excited and optimistic when I was able to see bits of grass here and there…now it’s just a distant memory. Sigh.



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  1. Anonymous

    when the skies are grey, take some vitamin D, and it makes the day seem brighter (I think)

  2. JuliaD

    i’ll send some your way…xoxo

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