a bit of erskine life.

We are an odd bunch…here is some proof.

(this is a card that i made for my brothers birthday. he is an avid star wars fan and i’m quite proud of this creation!)

(surprise wedding shower for christina)

(best $4 i’ve ever spent)

(best $3 my sister has ever spent)

(best thing we could find in my mothers basement)



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6 responses to “a bit of erskine life.

  1. JuliaD

    i am APPALLED you spent an entire 4 dollars on that, bri.either that or it’s the most incredible thing you’ve ever done.jury’s still out on that one…😛

  2. Anonymous

    I am happy to say that all those weird genes(jeans) are on your fathers side.

  3. Anonymous

    And I am not anonymous!

  4. Brennan and Rhonda

    Those are some of the best and worst pictures I have EVER seen!! You all have an excuse…you are related! But me?!?!…What happened?? It must be Brennan rubbing off on me.

  5. Brennan and Rhonda

    best… card… EVER!

  6. Roo

    hilarious. love it.

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