scattered week.

This post is going to be horribly scattered, just like this week has been scattered and just like my mind in scattered. All scatter-brained. Anyways, on Monday I spent the majority of the day on the phone with what seemed like everyone in Winnipeg, trying to find different things I could get Rhys involved in. Rhys has one friend (his cousin Caden) and that’s a problem, he needs to make some friends and be socialized. So after calling around for the majority of the day I found out about a drop-in Gymnastics For Toddlers class that’s offered at the YMCA by my house. We took Rhys to the class that night watched him loose his mind with excitement. I can’t recall him ever being inside of a gym before, so you could imagine how incredibly overwhelmed a toddler might get on their first visit (especially when you throw 20 other toddlers in the mix). I also found out about a Playgroup that meets two times a week at the Elementary School that Rhys will be attending. We went to both meetings this week and I must admit to feeling a sense of relief wash over me as I observed my children finally playing with a bunch of other kids. I’m actually feeling optimistic about the programs my community offers for preschoolers and am hoping to continue to take Rhys to Gymnastics and the Playgroup. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I know that I sound like a silly paranoid mom, but this was something that was becoming worrisome for both James and myself. Rhys has taken to calling his stuffed animals his ‘friends’ and plays with his imaginary ‘jousting-friends’ too often. I had no idea that my community offers so much stuff geared towards his age group.
I’ve also been spending a bunch of time outside the house since my mom is in Texas and I have her car for the month. Can I just say…I NEED A CAR! I haven’t had cabin fever once while I’ve had the vehicle in my possession. Wonderful. AND, I’ve been working on a secret little project. I will leave you with one of the pictures from it. Enjoy.


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  1. Jordan

    Is that a picture Rhys drew of one of his jousting friends? 🙂But seriously, glad you could find some programs for the little guy, it’s great that those type of things are out there for parents to use.

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