caped crusaders.

Lately I’ve noticed that Rhys has been going through short fazes of seemingly random obsessions. While I’m sure he isn’t the only toddler to proclaim a toy is his new favorite every five seconds, it is funny to watch (and hard to keep up with) when it is your own child. I try to remember all of the different fascinations he has had but my brain is just not capable of retaining that much toddler information. I do keep a journal that gets updated every few months with all of the latest toddler gossip so that when I’m all old and need someone to wipe my bum for me I’ll be able to look back and pinpoint certain things about the blur that is Rhys. I think that the funniest, and most obscure preoccupation to date has been his love of jousting. Yes, you read it correctly…Jousting. It came out of nowhere and romanced his little three year old heart. True Love. Jousting. The obvious mini-obsession that stems from jousting is clearly knights in shining armor, but one would think that it would be the other way around. Sure he likes the knights with the war hammers and of coarse he thinks the throwing axes are super cool…just not as cool as jousting. Rhys will frequently dominate the kitchen, dinning room and living room with his jousting (read: imaginary) friends while they battle each other in the violent (read: hyper active), loud, risky medieval game. He will don his equestrian riding hat (this is an actual riding hat that my sister gave him for Christmas), buckle it up, suction a cup to his mouth, grab the lint brush and charge all of his buddies (who, at dinner time, sit on the couch waiting for Rhys to finish eating). I would be lying if I didn’t say that it thrills my heart to see my sons imagination grow and grow and grow. It reminds me of how I used to be, of how I used to live with such reckless abandon. I’m getting a bit sappy on you. Sorry.
In the past few days Rhys has turned his focus onto being a SUPERHERO! What fun. Because I am predisposed to be a total nerd, I was really into Marvel comics when I was younger…and I may have *cough* collected the cards. Ahem. Sorry? What was that? Anyways, I’m really pumped that he is getting to Spiderman, Batman, Superman and Rhysman. I think that this stage should be loads of fun. Maybe he and I can even geek-out together and rent a bunch of Batman cartoons. Old school Batman. There’s no school like the old school.
And, like any good big brother, if Rhys is into something then Ammie has to be into it too.



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5 responses to “caped crusaders.

  1. marklar

    amelia’s hilarious!

  2. Mom

    You kids come by this faze very naturally as you and your brother and sister all had capes. Brennan would always ask if we could put his “CAPON”. Yes, you know the rest of the sentence. (What! your chicken!!)

  3. JuliaD

    Ok, that picture rules. serious. and i can’t BELIEVE you collected the cards. LOVE IT!

  4. Jordan

    Your kids are so great, I hope Rhys never grows out of the jousting stage!

  5. joyce

    Love toddlers.Love that photo… little sis is REALLY into it!

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