cabbage patch.

You can’t get much cuter than this (and yes, the picture uploaded sideways for who knows what reason…not my fault).


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5 responses to “cabbage patch.

  1. Nana

    she is soooo adorable!!!

  2. Jordan

    With the exception of Ammie, your other three children don’t look like they get out much.

  3. JuliaD

    i agree with jordan. clear case of favouritism. GIVE THE OTHER CABBAGE PATCH BABIES A CHANCE!

  4. JuliaD

    ps. i LOVE that you just posted those sister act you tube videos. it came on tv last night. i couldn’t stand to watch it in german, but naturally all the songs were the originals, so i just kept flipping back for the music. 😛 FLIPPING LOVE.

  5. Brennan and Rhonda

    Duck, duck, duck…Goose!Cute stuff B.

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