design bria.

Today is a great day! Why, you ask? Well, I’m coming out with a new post series about a little topic that is very near and dear to my heart…DESIGN! For those of you who don’t know this side of me, you will soon learn (through these posts) just how crazy I am about the design world. My obsession spans all levels, mediums, and era’s. I love fashion, interiors, furniture, media, and jewelery…just to name a few. I am hoping to do one design post a week, but we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully I wont go over-the-top and I’ll try to take into consideration those of you who couldn’t care less about this topic. I’m not planning on doing any long essays on trends or designers, but I do hope to show you what I love and what catches my eye.

Let’s get started:

I found this beautiful antique Ukrainian cupboard on I guarantee you, if I had $250.oo (which is an insanely great price for a beautiful piece of furniture like this) this would be in my house, refinished in a high-gloss black or bright red, or orange, or robin’s egg blue or a million other colours that I can think would look great on something this pretty. It’s still for sale…hint, hint, hint.

I’ve worked with recycled magazine’s many times in my crafting years but I had never seen them utilized in such a unique fashion as found on this lovely mirror. I would love to put this unusual piece in a fun entrance way or use it to spice up a boring hallway. It can be found over at for a reasonable price of $52.00 (US).

Last, but not least, a little glimpse at one thing that I love in my own home…the mug shots located in my bathroom. Quirky, a bit odd, and a good guessing game for company using the loo. (Pictured clockwise from the top right: Johnny Cash, Machine Gun Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Hendrix, Bill Gates, and Jane Fonda) I bought some simple frames from Walmart and printed the pictures off of the Internet. Quick & Easy.

I hope you enjoy this little series that I’ve started and if any of you have any suggestions or comments (even if you have a totally different idea of what good design is) I’d love to hear from you.



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4 responses to “design bria.

  1. Jordan

    Um, only British people are allowed to use the word “loo”, it’s kind of an unwritten rule, like not double-dipping a chip. Otherwise you risk being labelled a “wanker” (whatever that is).

  2. Roo

    oh fun post bria.i found this really cool hoop “wreath” idea….you just take scraps of material and tie them on an embroidery hoop. all different pieces and types of fabric, yarn..etc….totally random. it looked really neat on the website. i want to make that one soon.i’ve got so many on my list right now……..

  3. JuliaD

    i love the mugshots in your bathroom. every time i’m over i try to remember who everyone is. i always forget bill gates! never fails!

  4. joyce

    kinda scarey/weird/wonderfulI myself have oggled that very same cupboard.I LOVE IT.Maybe you’ll get it and I can live vicariously?

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