some life updates.

Just as Rhys and I were lying down for our weekly nap we started-up a conversation about the babies. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! BABIES! My sister-in-law will be popping a baby out any day now and both Rhys and I are very ecstatic about this; another baby to love, another baby to hold, another baby to buy itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny outfits for. Rhys is excited to have another friend around and can’t wait to meet this new little creature (he said that he will read to it since it can’t really play yet…which I thought was just darling). AND just when we get used to having that baby around we get…ANOTHER BABY! We are both very very very excited about the second baby, which will be popped out by my very own sister sometime around November 4th. I am horribly thrilled to be a 3rd degree Auntie and Rhys is happy about yet another friend being introduced into his life. We both think that Rhonda (sister-in-law) will have a boy and that Kelly (sister) will have a girl…but you just never ever know for sure. I will keep you posted.

This weekend was the weekend from HELL. On Saturday morning James started to feel sick and promptly planted himself down on the couch to ride out the waves of what turned into the stomach flu. Blech! I did my best to care for him, the kids, and the house while still feeling worn out from a long week. I was sure that I wasn’t going to catch the flu from James since I’d been sick a grand total of 7 times this year and was clinging to the hope that this weekend I would be in the Lords favor. But, alas, no such luck. I woke up Sunday morning feeling queasy and a tad green. I don’t know if any of you have ever experienced this but it felt like my insides wanted to be on my outside. Horrible, I know. I spent the rest of the day close to the washroom and threw up….drum-roll please…8 times. Ugh. I lost 3 pounds, still feel dizzy, am on a mainly liquid diet, and feel like someone beat me from the inside. I explained to my mother that it felt like I swallowed a wind-up toy and then ate a whole package of baking soda. Double Blech! However, my mother shone through and gave me a break from the kids yesterday with an order to, “Have a hot bath and a sleep!” Which I did.
I’ve been trying my very hardest to become a tidy person. I know that I blogged about this a little while ago, but it is a constant struggle of mine. But I made a small breakthrough…actually I made 2 small breakthroughs.
First Small Breakthrough: I’ve been watching a show called ‘At The End Of My Leash’ off of the Slice website (because I don’t have cable so I try to find shows to watch online). The show is about a dog trainer who gets calls or e-mails from families that are ‘at the end of their leash’ with their dog or dogs. The animal is usually neglected, untrained, and bored which translates into them being loud, dis-respectful and, well, untrained. The funny thing is that the family is usually the root of the problem. In one of the episodes the dog trainer went into the families home and snooped around a bit. The place was filthy and he really gave it to the mom and dad for keeping a house in that state. While my house wasn’t nearly as bad as theirs was, I kinda felt like he was talking to me. I turned to show off, went upstairs and cleaned my whole bedroom. It felt sooooo good to get it organized. I went to sleep happy with myself and eager to do more cleaning. I’ve known this for a long time but I need to constantly remind myself that I am happier in a cleaner home. Mess = Cranky Pants Bria. Clean = Sweet Loving Happy Bria. Big difference. Big. Difference.
Second Small Breakthrough: While talking to my mom about the whole ordeal I realized what went wrong! This may sound like I’m putting the blame on everyone else but I’m not. I will fess-up to being the messy person that I am any day of the week, but it does help to know how I got to where I’m at. I had my own apartment for just a few months before James and I got married. It wasn’t very messy but it wasn’t very organized either. When James moved in I never got into a routine and he is way more messy than I am. So two messies move in together and then *poof* we had a baby. Well, that makes it even harder to have a routine and babies don’t clean-up after themselves! Then we moved, then we moved again, then we had another baby, and then we moved two more times. And that, folks, is what happened! LIFE! Now that we are fairly settled and I’m not popping another baby out I’m finding it way way way easier to curb bad habits, get into a routine, and learn how to be organized. It’s still a slow process but there are a lot of bad habits! Both James and I have gotten better and I think that we are both proud of how far we’ve come. I don’t want my kids growing up in a messy house and I want take care of what God has blessed us with. Now…I have to go do some more laundry.

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  1. JuliaD

    what? cleanliness close to godliness? could it be?i’m glad i cleaned up all the clothes off my floor yesterday or i would have felt really guilty about reading this. lol. sounds awesome, tho, bri. i mean, not the whole throwing-up-with-wind-up-toy-in-stomach thing, but the other stuff. progress feels so good, doesn’t it?

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