life’s a beach.

James has been on holidays for the past two weeks, hence the lack of posting action. We’ve been spending some days doing fun summery things and spending some days lazing around the house. It’s been nice but all good things come to an end:(
I’m sure you’ll see more of me from now on.
(Julia, check out the tan that I’ve managed to get! Impressive in my opinion. I think that it’s all of the gardening and time spend at the kiddie pool)


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2 responses to “life’s a beach.

  1. JuliaD

    Holy Cow, bri! That is seriously one impressive tan! I didn’t even know you were capable of getting that brown! lol. just kidding. that’s an awesome pic, tho. glad you guys had some holidays.

  2. Roo

    we were at the beach too. maybe the same beach as you? last saturday. turns out that my 5 week bebe does not like the beach life so much. hehehe.

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