a somewhat random reflection.


It’s amazing just how much your life can change in 12 months. A child can be born, a house can be bought, friendships can end, new friends can be made, old friendships can be rekindled, a job can be lost and a new one started.

Just over a year has passed since we left the church and took a HUGE turn in our lives. I was so confused. I was so hurt. Actually…I’m still confused and hurt. My whole being was telling me that’s where God wanted us. I kept asking myself, “What the heck just happened?”. I was angry. I was bitter. I guess I’m still angry and bitter. I’m still dealing with the whole situation and it’s been a year. A lot can change in a year and yet, some things remain the same.

God is working in me. He is digging deep into me, into my wounds, into my very being. Time and time again James and I have laughed (then cried then laughed again) at what God was bringing us through or at what has gone on in our lives. And over and over the only thing that we would/could ever conclude is that He is preparing us. For what? Ha. Who knows.

With all of that said, I would never have thought God could bring us to a place as good as this after a time as bad and as uncertain as that.


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  1. Roo

    hi bria! sooo good to meet you. thanks for your comment. i enjoyed this post. i can relate with other “stuff” i am continuing to dig my way through. and amazed at how God seems to bring beauty from ugly ashes. i don’t know how He does it but i’m awfully glad that He does. LOVE that photo at the top. 🙂

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