so pretty.

I love flowers. They are so beautiful, delicate, intricate, and stunning. I feel better around them, as though they have a aura of contentment about them. The majority of flowers are there to look pretty…to exist as a stunning creation. God didn’t have to create flowers. He didn’t have to make them beautiful, he didn’t have to make them exist in such a wide array of colours and shapes…but He did. I love that about Him. I am looking forward to planting many flowers this summer. I’m excited to have them surround my home. I can’t wait to work with them and care for them. I know this is a silly blog about Bria’s love for flowers…but I wanted to talk about it. Those are my mothers orchids by the way. She keeps a number of orchids alive and thriving in her home which is something I would love to do. However, a simple love of flowers doesn’t keep them alive and that right there is my problem. I kill flowers. I try SO hard to do the right things with them but they always end up dying. I will talk to a florist about what to do and I will do exactly what she says…and they die. The only way that I can have flowers in my house is if they’re in a vase. I’ve never been able to keep flowers alive in a garden or in a pot or inside. So I do have my work cut out for me. I pray that I don’t kill all of them…poor flowers.


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