just splendid!

Well, the house is coming along quite nicely. I’m truly enjoying seeing it develop into a beautiful and stylish home. A few more walls need painting, a few more baseboards to go on, a few more curtains sewn, a few more drawers built. There is still lot’s to do and we probably will be working on it until we move…whenever that may be. However, it’s wonderfully livable and I do love it here. We are making this into a comfortable home and are surrounding ourselves in things we love (things that make me happy!). To give you an example I’ve posted a picture of our new area rug in the living room. This isn’t every ones taste so I wont be offended if you hate it…but I love it. It’s a ‘shag’ leather rug and looks B-E-A-UTIFUL with the rest of our furniture.

I have a feeling that the inside renovations will slow down drastically now that it has warmed up outside. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty in the garden and James is excited to build our patio. As I take a look around our first house, at the things we’ve done or are doing, I find that I’m very proud of it…more importantly I’m proud of James for hacking away at this all on his own!
Go Team Erskine!

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